Friday, March 19, 2010

Garlic Candy Pasta

Fear not, good readers: my next entry will be here sooner than you think and it won't be about pasta! However, for those of you who do like it (I like it...a lot), here is another recipe, taken from Nigel Slater's excellent Real Fast Food and renamed by me as...

Garlic Candy Pasta

This recipe involves nothing more complex than peeling and then smashing (or smooshing, really; you just get a big knife and press down on the clove horizontally) a lot of garlic. As much as you can stand, and if you're me, that's one head or so for each two people.

So then - get some butterfly/farfalle or penne and some goat's cheese - the kind that is soft & will melt in hot pasta fairly quickly - put them aside and get to peeling the garlic, then smooshing it up and put it in fairly warm (but not super hot) olive oil to cook. Burnt garlic is...unpleasant, but nicely browned/softened garlic is what you're after here. The only other ingredient is thyme, which is also a big deal - you have to have fresh thyme picked off the bunch and this is best done once the garlic is halfway done. Boil the water in the meantime and by the time the pasta is done, the garlic should be too. (Don't rush the garlic; this is a meditative recipe, not a ten-minute one.) Once the pasta is done, pour it into the pan with the garlic and mix it up, adding the goat's cheese until all is creamy white and green-flecked and serve immediately. The garlic will jump out of the pasta like candy, intense and vibrant against the mildness of the cheese, but the thyme will wink out at you as well. Happy eating!

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