Friday, October 21, 2011

New Blog Title Needed!

Without going into too many details, I must apologize for this blog's absence; I have been writing, but it is mostly at this blog, and not about food at all.

Now then - where was I?

There is another blog/book/tv show with the same name - one that is about encouraging those who have bad or no eyesight to cook, a noble thing to do - and I don't want to confuse this blog with that one, so I am going to re-name this blog. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

What have I been doing these last few months? Accumulating cookbooks, that's what. Cooking from them when I can; thinking about food. I now live somewhere where I have my own small kitchen with few 'mod cons' besides a small fridge, an electric stove with a grill, a toaster and a kettle. Something, as the British say, to 'blitz' or 'whazz' food will be acquired rather sooner than later, and perhaps a popcorn maker as well. Other than that I have no interest nor space for much else; the boombox is staying right where it is.

So I will continue to write and review recipes I come across that don't take much gear or time, because that is where I know a lot of people are coming from. I know I certainly am!

Thanks for reading - more soon!