Monday, November 30, 2009

A Fool In Love (With Pasta)

Another fine recipe that I can now cook a bit faster as I now own...a zester. Trust me folks, nothing makes your citrus-friendly chef happier than possessing one, and for this recipe it's pretty much mandatory. Why? You'll see! This comes from the fine book Dude Food, by Brooks, Bosker and Darmon.

To start with, you will need two lemons (three if you dare), some white wine, some gruyere cheese, some creme fraiche (though cream cheese w/some single cream, double cream, half & half, etc. is fine), some mushrooms and some linguine/tagliatelle/long pasta.

Firstly, get out that zester and zest two lemons. (I did this by chef's knife before.) Place zest in saucepan and with about one-third cup of wine get it to a nice simmer, enough so you boil the alcohol off. At the same time, slice up your mushrooms and saute them - you can almost never have too many mushrooms, so be generous. Take one of the zested lemons and get the juice out (watching out for seeds of course) and set it aside.

Make the pasta according to instructions and once it is ready for the lemon zest/wine mixture, pour it in there and get to mixing it up; then add your cheese and creme fraiche and continue to mix, using the lemon juice to loosen things up. Once that is done, serve with the mushrooms on top and don't forget a nice sharp salad to go with this lemony richness.

Good Eats!

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