Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Crouton Bread

It has occurred to me that I don't post here nearly enough, and that I have yet to write down one single solitary recipe as well, so here goes: what I call Crouton Bread and what you may call whatever you like. It's as easy as cooking gets, if you consider toasting bread cooking, and I do:

Crouton Bread

Get a good piece of bread - something reasonably substantial, a French or Italian bread works best. Toast it well. Put some olive oil on it (about a tablespoon I figure, and if it's extra virgin olive oil, all the better) and then sprinkle with some salt, any salt. Eat immediately and repeat if you wish, though I made this as I didn't want to peel yet another clove of garlic as I was a bit tired after making the meal in the first place (this happy accident coming while I was recuperating).

The olive oil can and will run through the bread on to whatever is beneath it, so you may as well do it right there above your plate, esp. if you are eating pasta with salad, or something else olive-oil friendly...

The greatness of this recipe is that it takes three rock-solid classics and bluntly puts them together - the better the bread and oil are of course the better it will be, but it is up to you to choose them, and if you wanted to put some pepper on here that would be fine too.

(N.B. As you can see I am putting a blogroll together; if there are any food blogs you think I should add, please let me know. Thanks!)

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